SWORD v5.42.12 IP Client & Server

Upgrading SWORD

Install the SWORD IP Client

  1. Go to the first SWORD client computer and click here to > download the SWORD5 IP Client
  2. Run the installer and start-up the SWORD5 IP Client
  3. Open Service Orders and test the expanded Work Requested and Work Completed files.
  4. Print the Service Orders to check for proper pagination of the large text fields.

Install the SWORD Reports Templates (updated with v5.42.7B)

  1. Click here to > download a collection of updated reports;
  2. Report Templates must be installed into the same directory/folder structure of your SWORD Data Server.

Backup Existing SWORD Data and Sub-folders

  1. First go to the host server (console) and stop the IPSRVMGR Services Manager

Run the File Manager to upgrade data fileusethefilemanager

  1. Go to the host server and click here to > download the SWORD 542 File Manager
  2. Install and run the File Manager on the host server to upgrade existing data.
  3. After the initial start-up scan click on the Use the File Manager button.
  4. When the window opens Tag All and click on the Info button.
  5. Inspect the file list to check for Error 47.
  6. Untag All except the files with Error 47.
  7. Click the Fix button.
  8. Old files from previous version may be in the folder and cannot be upgraded. Report to ABCI-Software support any files that remain with Error 47. Non-essential files (month, year, etc.) may be deleted so testing can proceed.

 Install the SwordServer.dll

  1. SWORD IP Client requires an update to the SWORD SERVER.
  2. Go to the host server and click here to > download the SwordServer.dll
  3. The DLL should be placed into the \\Server\ABCIPDATASERVER\SWORD\ sub-folder
  4. Restart the Clarion IP Server on your host server.

Install the CopySO2Log utility app as needed

  1. If the above described conversion and installation process are successful, then continue with the installation of the SWORD CopySO2Log utility.
  2. Go to the appropriate client computer and click here to > download the SWORD CopySO2Log